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    Restoration by Design Stone


    We clean, polish, repair, restore, protect and maintain all marble and natural stone floors and surfaces and clean and seal tile and grout. 

    Restoration by Design Stone uses only the very best equipment, techniques and supplies to clean, hone, polish, grind, and seal your natural stone, resolving such problems as lippage (unevenly set tiles), etching (whitish marks caused by an acidic substance that damaged the surface), stain removal, and much more. For a free estimate, call (508) 358-5555 today or contact us.


    We offer cleaning, restoration and maintenance services on your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your business.


    We can deep clean, repair, restore and protect your floors, countertops, shower walls, fireplaces and more, taking extraordinary care to protect your furniture and surrounding surfaces.

    Our services can be categorized in the following ways:

    • Professional Cleaning and Maintenance
    • Complete Restoration
    • Precision Repair
    • Sealing and Protecting

    At Restoration by Design Stone we customize our professional cleaning and maintenance services according to your specific type of floor or surface, taking into consideration the traffic, use, and general condition. We achieve the maximum results through careful preparation, the use of advanced cleaning products and techniques, and finishing protective measures that increase the lifespan of your natural stone or tile and grout floors. In addition, we make it a point to educate our customers on proper stone care, offer helpful tips and articles and provide expert advice for specific questions or concerns.


    Stone restoration is a job for a qualified professional. Only technicians who are professionally trained in natural stone should be entrusted with the restoration of your natural stone or tile and grout floors. Stone restoration requires a thorough understanding of the properties of natural stone, as well as expertise in the use of heavy-duty abrasive techniques. Stone restoration can also be messy if it is not done properly. We take extraordinary care to protect surrounding surfaces and use specialized equipment designed to contain dust and spillage. The outcome of our restoration services is a beautiful floor or countertop, free of scratches and damage, restored to an exquisite finish that is like new — or better.


    Natural stone is very sturdy and durable, resistant to stains, and easier to maintain than many other flooring materials. Despite its enduring qualities, natural stone is not impervious to damage.  Unfortunate mishaps, for example, a heavy object dragged across or falling on the floor, or other factors, such as the environment, traffic, and improper maintenance, can cause chips, scratches, or unsightly cracks in your stone flooring. Our professionally trained technicians know how to repair stone, and can provide a virtually seamless match to the existing color and finish to your natural stone floor to recreate its elegant, pre-damaged state. Before resorting to the inconvenience of removing and replacing your stone, contact Restoration by Design Stone to discuss how we can make the repairs you need.


    To seal or not to seal? That is a question for the stone care professionals at Restoration by Design Stone. An improperly sealed surface can detract from your stone’s natural texture, color, and finish. Furthermore, coatings can accumulate and trap dirt, causing stone to look dull and dingy. On the other hand, untreated stone is more vulnerable to daily wear and stains. To help you make a well-informed decision, we consider all the factors involved, from density to porosity, the frequency of exposure to staining agents, the maintenance plan, how the color or appearance might be affected, and much more. When it comes to sealing and protecting, we know how to safeguard your investment.

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