• Broken Granite Repaired

    • Damaged Granite Countertop
      As you can see, the damage to this granite countertop was extensive.
    • Granite Broken In Pieces
      A piece of the granite countertop had not only broken off, but shattered.
    • Granite Repair Boston
      Our granite countertop repair services produce lasting results.
    • Granite Repair Boston
      After the repairs were complete, we restored the polished granite finish.
    • Granite Island Top Repaired
      The repair site blends so well with the rest of the granite countertop that it is difficult to tell where the break had been.

    Granite Island Top Severely Damaged

    Our Boston clients were worried they would have to replace their granite island top, because the corner had completely broken off and it was in several pieces. They decided to give us a call for a FREE estimate and to see whether they could have it repaired and avoid the cost of completely replacing the island top.

    We assured the homeowners we could repair the countertop to a like-new condition and showed them images of similar jobs so they would know what to expect. After comparing the cost of a new countertop with the cost of repairs, they decided to go ahead and schedule us for the job.

    Our Granite Repair and Refinishing Process

    The first step in repairing this countertop was to reassemble the pieces of stone, carefully aligning and leveling each piece. We glued the pieces together and filled in missing sections with tinted epoxy that matched the original stone. We gave the repaired piece plenty of time to dry and then firmly affixed it to the island top.

    To achieve a uniform, reflective finish, we ground the surface of the island top flat, and then honed and polished it to restored the finish. Finally, we sealed the granite to inhibit staining.

    Our clients were happy to have avoided paying thousands of dollars more for a replacement island countertop and they were very satisfied with the outcome.

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