• Precision Repairs for Broken Marble

    • Marble Top Repair
      This marble top broke into several pieces.
    • Marble Table Top Repair
      Fortunately, breaks in marble can be repaired.
    • Marble Top Crack Repair
      Here is an image of our completed marble repair. What a difference!

    Broken Marble Table Top

    When this beautiful white Thassos marble table top with precious stone inlay broke, its Boston owners worried that even if it could be fixed, it would never be like new.

    Our Marble Repair Process

    We are able to fix deep cracks and breaks in marble and other natural stone. First, we cleaned the marble to ensure all dust, soap, grease, and other contaminants were removed. We allowed it to completely dry before moving on to the repair process. We applied a penetrating glue with activator to the edges of the broken pieces, fitting and holding them together and making sure the surface was absolutely level before allowing it to dry. We also filled in all small the cracks and chips, using epoxy with tint to match the stone pigments as needed. Our epoxy is incredibly strong and durable, providing a permanent repair solution.

    Once the epoxy set, we cleaned and polished the top to restore the shine. The owners were incredibly impressed with our work.

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    We’ve earned a reputation for ourselves in the Boston area for doing precision repairs and restoration work on damaged marble and other natural stone table tops and countertops. We can provide the same high-quality services for you. We repair and restore marble table tops, countertops, and other surfaces throughout the Boston area. For a FREE estimate, contact us online or call (508) 358-5555 today.