• Boston Travertine Floor Refinished

    • Travertine Floor Before Restoration
      This is what the travertine looked like BEFORE we started any restoration work.
    • Travertine Restoration After
      Notice the how clean and fresh the textured travertine tiles and grout lines are in this AFTER image.
    • Travertine Restoration Before and After
      This side-by-side BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) image demonstrates the kind of high quality results our clients can expect.

    Problem: Dirty, Scratched, Dull Travertine

    Boston homeowners called us because their unfilled travertine floor, which covered the entire first floor of their home, had become extremely dirty, scratched, and dull looking. It had been a long time since the floor had been professionally serviced.

    Solution: Travertine Deep Cleaning, Honing, and Polishing

    We were able to remove all the years of dirt, grease and grime that had built up with our deep cleaning services using professional strength solution, our floor machines, and extractor.

    The homeowners were also looking for a more polished look than their previous matte honed factory finish. We polished the travertine to an elegant satin finish. A full polished finish on this material would also have looked great. Our final step was to apply an impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

    No dust or chemical odors were created during our travertine restoration process, so the homeowners and pets were able to stay in the home while we worked.

    To learn more about travertine honing, polishing, and refinishing, visit our Travertine Services Page or watch this short video.

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