• Granite Countertop Like New Again

    • Granite Countertop Refinished
      With our granite honing and polishing, the reflection of the finish was restored.
    • Dull Granite Countertop
      Notice the dullness of the granite finish in this BEFORE image.

    Dull, Chipped Granite Countertop

    Boston homeowners contacted us because their dark colored granite was scuffed and dull in the high traffic areas, especially near the sink. In addition, there were small chips in the granite edge around the sink, and the caulking was in poor condition.

    Professional Granite Repair and Refinishing

    First, we used tinted epoxy filler to repair the chips around the sink area and replaced the caulking. Then, we honed the granite to remove a thin layer of the surface, virtually erasing the damage. To restore the clarity and reflection of the finish, we polished the granite. Our last step was an application of sealer.

    Our clients were very happy that we could return their granite counters to the nice, shiny finish from 15 years before when it was first installed.

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