• Marble Floor Beautifully Refinished

    • Marble Lobby Floor Restoration
      As you can see, the marble floor was in poor condition.
    • Marble Lobby Floor Polishing
      Here is another close up of the marble floor’s damaged finish.
    • Commercial Marble Floor Polishing
      Our marble refinishing services brought the shine and clarity back to the marble surface.
    • Marble Floor Polishing
      This marble lobby floor looks so much more clean and welcoming now.

    Damaged Marble Floor

    A property manager in Boston called us because the white Calcutta polished marble floor in the lobby area was stained and very dirty. The finish was so severely scratched and etched that it no longer had a reflection.

    Marble Restoration Process

    Our first step was to grind out the deep scratches and tile unevenness (lippage) to remove surface imperfections and prepare the floor for restoration. Then, we honed and polished the marble to restore the factory finish and sealed the stone to inhibit staining. In addition, we deep cleaned the grout lines to remove embedded dirt and contaminants and sealed the porous grout surface, which will make regular cleaning more productive.

    The property manager was very pleased with the dramatic results.

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