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    • Marble Floor Refinishing and Restoration
      Our marble floor restoration services transform scratched, discolored, and dull marble to a like-new condition.
    • Professional Marble Services
      We restored the beautiful, elegant finish of this marble floor.
    • Marble Floor Honing and Polishing
      Notice how dark and dirty looking the grout lines were. We left this marble floor clean, fresh, and sanitized.
    • Marble Floor Before and After
      The left image shows what the marble floor looked like when we arrived. After we finished our marble restoration services, we took the image on the right. What a difference!

    The Problem

    The elegance of this Botticino marble floor was diminished by severe etching and stained grout lines.

    Etching is often mistaken for “water spots” or staining, but it’s actually corrosion, in this case, due to improper cleaning products, that alters the surface of the marble. Etching on a polished surface, like this bathroom floor, is especially noticeable because it gives the marble a rough texture. Bacteria, allergens, and contaminants collect on the textured surface, and no amount of cleaning can resolve the problem.

    Grout is a porous surface, which means it is full of tiny holes. With traffic and use, dirt and grime collect in these tiny holes. Every time the floor is cleaned, the unwanted substances are only driven further into the grout. Eventually the appearance of the grout becomes unsightly.

    Our Solution

    First, we deep cleaned the grout, extracting the contaminants from deep within the porous surface, and then we diamond honed the marble to remove the damaged surface (etches), revealing the brand new marble surface underneath. Finally, we polished the marble, giving it showroom-worthy luster and elegance and sealed the grout lines so that dirt and grime could no longer collect in the porous surface.

    As you can see the floor now looks brand new. The owner, who also owned other luxury condo units in the same building, was so happy with our work that he asked us to do marble restoration work in other units.

    To learn more about marble restoration and repair, visit our Marble Services Page.

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