• Marble Mosaic Floor Flattening

    • Marble Mosaic Floor Flattening
      The improperly installed mosaic tiles were uneven, presenting a trip hazard.
    • Marble Mosaic Floor Leveling
      Here is an image of the floor after the installer used a hand tool in a failed attempt to make the marble tiles flat.
    • Marble Mosaic Floor Lippage Repair
      Here is a picture taken while one of our highly trained technicians worked on the floor.
    • Marble Mosaic Floor Grinding
      Our marble floor grinding, honing, and polishing process made the tiles flat and restored the shine.
    • Marble Mosaic Floor Lippage Removal
      We successfully removed the lippage (unevenness of the tiles), as you can see for yourself in this image.

    Problems With Brand New Marble Mosaic Floor

    This newly installed marble bathroom floor, composed of tiny mosaic tiles and larger tiles, was very uneven. The homeowner was very unhappy with the severe lippage (unevenness) of the entire floor, especially the mosaic section. The installer attempted to flatten the floor using a hand tool, which only made matters worse. Instead of ripping out and reinstalling the floor (at a cost of more than $10,000), the installer contacted us.

    Our Lippage Removal Process

    We came in and completely flattened the marble floor, including both the mosaics and larger tiles, until the grout lines were flush with the tops of the tiles. Then we gradually honed and polished the marble back to the original, glossy factory polish. We also applied a sealer to inhibit staining.

    The homeowner said that walking on the floor with bare feet felt so smooth, like walking on a poured floor. The installer was relieved to have avoided a complete replacement. We provided maintenance instructions to homeowners and left feeling very proud of a job well done.

    To learn more about marble restoration and repair, visit our Marble Services Page.

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