• Marble Vanity Top

    • Etches Removed Around Sink
      The image on the left was taken before any work was done. Notice the deep etches in the marble. The image on the right shows the refinished marble. No more etches!
    • Marble Etching Removed
      Here is another side-by-side comparison of the marble countertop before and after our professional restoration services.

    The Problem

    The beautiful white crystals and veins, characteristic of Emperador dark marble, were obscured by damage to this vanity top, including etching and small chips and cracks.

    Etching is often mistaken for “water spots” or staining, but it’s actually corrosion, in this case, due to improper cleaning products and residue from cosmetics, that alters the surface of the marble. Etching on a polished surface, like this vanity top, is especially noticeable because it gives the marble a rough texture. Bacteria, allergens, and contaminants collect on the textured surface, and no amount of cleaning can resolve the problem.

    Our Solution

    First, we protected the surrounding areas with tape and plastic, forming a “tent” all the way around the work area. This is standard procedure for any work we do. Our marble diamond honing process removed the etching and other damage, and our marble polishing process gave this vanity top a luxurious shine. We sealed and enhanced the marble to give it a rich, dark, glossy appearance and protect it from future damage.

    To learn more about marble restoration and repair, visit our Marble Services Page.

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