• Serpentine Hotel Lobby Refinished

    • Serpentine Stripping and Polishing
      Here is a BEFORE image of the serpentine floor.
    • Serpentine Stripping and Polishing
      Here is another BEFORE image of the serpentine floor.
    • Serpentine Refinishing
      This image was taken DURING the wax stripping process.
    • Serpentine Stripping and Polishing
      Notice the elegant appearance of the serpentine in this AFTER image.
    • Serpentine Stripping and Polishing
      This close up AFTER image shows how flat and level the tiles were after our lippage removal.
    • Serpentine Stripping and Polishing
      Here is another AFTER of the serpentine floor. What a difference!

    Serpentine Floor In Poor Condition

    A very large hotel chain purchased a resort in western Massachusetts with a serpentine lobby floor that was in poor condition. It had several layers of wax and terrible lippage (uneven tiles).

    About Serpentine

    Serpentine, a magnesium-silicate based stone, is often mistaken for green marble, a calcite based stone. Serpentine is more similar to granite than marble in that it resists damage from acids and abrasives. Like granite, serpentine is a very difficult stone to polish, and should only be entrusted to a reputable stone restoration contractor who has experience working with this particular stone.

    Our Restoration Process

    Before we could begin our normal honing and polishing process, we had to strip the wax build up off the stone and grind the unevenly set tiles flat. Once that was accomplished, we wet diamond honed and polished the serpentine to a beautiful reflective polished finish. The hotel staff were blown away by the results. Not only did they have a beautifully polished floor, but all the uneven tiles were now completely flat, giving the floor an elegant, monolithic appearance.

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