• Vanity Rod Removal and Repair

    • Marble Vanity Repair
      The BEFORE image shows the extensive damage to the marble vanity.
    • Marble Vanity Repair
      Here is an AFTER image of the repair site.
    • Marble Vanity Repair
      Here is another AFTER image of the marble repair.
    • Marble Vanity Repair
      Notice the beautiful, reflective marble finish in this AFTER image.

    Damaged Marble Vanity

    Homeowners in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, contacted us because a large chunk of their marble vanity had cracked and fallen apart. The problem was due to rod expansion caused by moisture making its way into the installation.

    Our Marble Repair Process

    First, we removed the rusted and damaged portion of rod. Then, we reset the marble pieces using tinted epoxy filler to camouflage the cracks. Finally, we honed and polished the marble to restore a nice, even finish, and applied impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

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