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    Residential and Commercial Customers in and around Worcester count on us to provide the highest quality professional stone and tile care services.  We clean, polish, repair, restore, protect and maintain all marble and natural stone floors and surfaces and clean and seal tile and grout. 

    Natural Stone Repair and Restoration

    Many people think that if their natural stone—marble, granite, travertine, slate, etc.—looks bad (i.e. a bad installation, dull, stained, scratched, chipped, cracked, uneven tiles) that they can either choose to live with it or they have to replace it. When it comes to natural stone, nothing can be further from the truth.

    If your natural stone and tile surfaces have become dingy, scratched, stained, or just dirty looking, even with regular cleaning or janitorial services, it’s time to call Worcester’s preferred restoration experts. Whether you need a complete restoration or ongoing maintenance we can help you make the best possible impression.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

    Regular cleaning of tile and grout can’t reach into and under porous surfaces, where dirt and grime gets trapped. Back-breaking, knuckle-bruising cleaning can’t produce the same dramatic results as professional cleaning.

    At Restoration by Design Stone, we understand that the appearance of your home or business is important to you. We offer a tile and grout cleaning service that deep cleans tile and grout lines, then offer several options for sealing your grout to fill the pores.

    For a free estimate on professional natural stone and tile cleaning and restoration services throughout Worcester call (508) 358-5555 today or contact us.