• Terrazzo

    Terrazzo repaired, polished, and restored to like new!

    Restoration by Design Stone can restore your terrazzo to its beautiful, natural polish finish that is oh-so-easy to maintain.  Terrazzo, popular in the 50s and 60s, is making a comeback.  Terrazzo that is yellowed with layer upon layer of wax build-up or buried for who knows how many years under carpet, linoleum, or tile may not look like it can be restored. But we can be hone and polish your terrazzo floors to reveal the brand new surface that lies beneath so your colorful little specks of marble glisten once again.

    Contact us today to discuss your terrazzo needs or call us at (508) 358-5555. Our highly qualified professional technicians can resolve virtually any problem you encounter:

    • Stain and Etch Removal
    • Restore Finish
    • Crack and Chip Repair
    • Sealing / Protecting

    About Terrazzo

    Terrazzo is a unique stone finish that usually contains marble chips of different sizes and colors and is held together with a cement base or, in newer applications, held together with a resin or epoxy base. Terrazzo is restored using the same process that is used in restoring marble and granite. Most terrazzo surfaces, coated with waxes that have a tendency to yellow and collect dirt, are repeatedly stripped and re-waxed.

    Fortunately, terrazzo can be polished to achieve a gloss or matte finish using a natural polishing process that eliminates the need to wax and strip and can actually reduce the maintenance cost. Properly sealed and maintained terrazzo retains its beautiful shine and color.

    Caring for Your Terrazzo

    Sweep or dust mop your floors regularly to remove any debris that can get ground into the surface. Use only recommended cleaning products to keep your terrazzo looking like new with minimum maintenance. We make it a point to educate our customers on proper stone care.

    For a FREE estimate on terrazzo floor polishing, cleaning and sealing, repairs and other services, contact us online or call (508) 358-5555 today.