• Tile and Grout

    Tile and grout cleaned and

    restored to like new!

    Do you love the look of tile but hate the cleaning and maintenance associated with it? Are you tired of fighting a losing battle trying to keep it clean? Dirt and mold on the surface of grout and tile can eliminated with regular cleaning, however, if these contaminants are in or under the grout, cleaning will only drive the unwanted substances in further.

    Restoration by Design Stone technicians are professionally trained and certified in tile and grout restoration. We have developed a special full-service process that provides the highest level of cleaning possible, using heavy duty truck-mounted or portable equipment to blast ultra-hot water that breaks down dirt and mold particles. Tile and grout looks brand new with our complete, start-to-finish home or business cleaning package:

    • Remove all movable furniture from the area
    • Pre-treat tile and grout with our special baby/pet-safe solution
    • Scrub the area to break down any soil or residue
    • Pressure clean tile and grout
    • Apply sealant to the grout to increase its life span (optional, but highly recommended)

    How we work our magic

    We begin by removing bacteria and dirt with eco-friendly tile and grout cleaners.  We pretreat your floor and then use state-of-the-art high pressure cleaning equipment. Then we seal the tile and grout to give it that brand new look and prevent dirt and bacteria from penetrating your tile and grout.  Our professional tile and grout cleaning services ensure a healthier home or business environment. Contact us today to discuss your tile and grout needs or call us at (508) 358-5555.

    Residential Tile & Grout Cleaning

    At Restoration by Design Stone we understand that homeowners each have unique tile and grout cleaning needs. Our eco-friendly tile cleaners are safe for small children and pets who tend to spend extended time on the floor. Our highly qualified residential tile cleaning technicians have experience working with homeowners to ensure the cleaning quality that our regular customers have come to expect from Restoration by Design Stone.

    Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

    At Restoration by Design Stone, we understand that the appearance of your business, especially tile and grout flooring, is important to you. Dirty or moldy tiling reflects poorly on your business and presents a potential health hazard to your customers and employees. We offer the most complete cleaning process available. Our Boston commercial tile and grout cleaning professionals are dedicated to your satisfaction.


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