• Dull Marble Floor Polished

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      On the left image, you can clearly see the surface damage. The right image demonstrates the level of quality you can expect with our marble refinishing services.

    Problem: Dull, Dirty Marble Floor

    Boston homeowners wanted to give their marble floor a brand new look without the expense of replacing the stone. With years of neglect, this floor had become etched, scratched, and worn and had lost its elegant appeal.

    Solution: Honing and Polishing

    We honed away the etching, scratches, and other damage on the surface of the marble and then polished the entire floor using a series of progressively finer diamond grit pads to achieve a beautiful, glossy finish. We also applied an impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

    As you can see, this marble floor is completely restored and has a like-new finish.

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