Portfolio / Case Studies

  • Marble Floor Repaired and Restored

    Marble Floor Repaired and Restored

    This marble floor received a complete makeover, including chip and crack repair, regrouting, refinishing, and sealing....


  • Slate Stripping and Protection

    Slate Stripping and Protection

    Old Wax Diminishes Appearance of Slate This slate floor in a Boston home had several layers of old wax on...


  • Marble Mosaic Floor Flattening

    Marble Mosaic Floor Flattening

    Problems With Brand New Marble Mosaic Floor This newly installed marble bathroom floor, composed of tiny mosaic tiles and larger...


  • Granite Countertop Like New Again

    Granite Countertop Like New Again

    Dull, Chipped Granite Countertop Boston homeowners contacted us because their dark colored granite was scuffed and dull in the high...


  • Marble Floor Beautifully Refinished

    Marble Floor Beautifully Refinished

    This damaged marble floor no longer had a reflection. We beautifully restored the finish....


  • Precision Repairs for Broken Marble

    Precision Repairs for Broken Marble

    This beautiful white Thassos marble table top with precious stone inlay was broken in pieces. We repaired it to like...


  • Dull Marble Floor Polished

    Dull Marble Floor Polished

    Boston homeowners wanted to give their marble floor a brand new look without the expense of replacing the stone....


  • Broken Granite Repaired

    Broken Granite Repaired

    The corner of this granite island top had completely broken off and it was in several pieces. We repaired it...


  • Unfilled Travertine Floor Restoration

    Unfilled Travertine Floor Restoration

    This 100-year-old travertine floor was in poor shape. Travertine is a type of stone that has naturally ocurring holes. Over...