• Portfolio / Case Studies

    • Marble Countertop Finish Changed

      Marble Countertop Finish Changed

      We honed the marble to remove the damage and give it a more subdued satin honed finish....


    • MORE Vanity Top Protection

      MORE Vanity Top Protection

      We applied MORE™ Anti-Etch™ Protection to this marble vanity. The owners won't need to worry about problems with stains and...


    • Vanity Rod Removal and Repair

      Vanity Rod Removal and Repair

      We repaired the extensive marble vanity damage and then honed and polished the entire top to restore the reflective finish....


    • Serpentine Hotel Lobby Refinished

      Serpentine Hotel Lobby Refinished

      This serpentine lobby floor was in poor condition with wax buildup and terrible lippage (uneven tiles). We restored its elegant appearance....


    • No More Stripping and Waxing Terrazzo

      No More Stripping and Waxing Terrazzo

      This terrazzo went from yellowed and unsightly to fabulous with our restoration services. See the dramatic difference!...


    • Boston Travertine Floor Refinished

      Boston Travertine Floor Refinished

      See for yourself what a dramatic difference our services made for this travertine floor....


    • Marble Floor Repaired and Restored

      Marble Floor Repaired and Restored

      This marble floor received a complete makeover, including chip and crack repair, regrouting, refinishing, and sealing....


    • Slate Stripping and Protection

      Slate Stripping and Protection

      Old Wax Diminishes Appearance of Slate This slate floor in a Boston home had several layers of old wax on...


    • Marble Mosaic Floor Flattening

      Marble Mosaic Floor Flattening

      Problems With Brand New Marble Mosaic Floor This newly installed marble bathroom floor, composed of tiny mosaic tiles and larger...