• Marble Countertop Finish Changed

    • Damaged Marble Before
      Notice the etch damage in this BEFORE image.
    • Damaged Marble Before
      You can also see scratches and dullness in this BEFORE image.
    • Satin Honed Marble After
      This AFTER image shows the soft matte finish.
    • Satin Honed Marble After
      In this AFTER image, you can see how the displaced light reflection creates a velvety appearance.
    • Satin Honed Marble After
      Here is another AFTER image.
    • Change Marble Finish Before After
      This BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) image shows the dramatic difference!

    Problematic Polished Marble Finish

    Homeowners contacted us because their polished white Carrara marble countertop had surface damage. Although a highly reflective, glass-like finish can be beautiful, with regular use, even very minor etch marks and light scratches quickly become apparent. We let the homeowners know that if they wanted to keep their polished finish, we could refinish the marble to restore the reflectivity, but that in order to keep that like-new look, we would need to set up a schedule to re-polish often. Other options included applying MORE™ Anti-Etch™ protection or giving their countertops a honed finish, since it would hide imperfections. They chose to go with a honed finish.

    Changing the Finish of Marble Countertops

    A lot of people believe that if their marble countertops are polished, then when they are restored, they must be re-polished. This is not the case. Marble restoration involves both honing and polishing. The honing removes the surface damage, and the polishing process is how a reflective finish is achieved. The level of clarity and polish can be adjusted according to the client’s wishes. In this case, we honed the marble to remove the damage and give the stone a more subdued but still incredibly beautiful satin honed finish. We did not polish the marble.

    The clients were very pleased with their like-new marble countertops with a velvety, soft matte finish that would hide imperfections.

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